What's Happening?

Welcome! We look forward to seeing you at Doutta Galla Yoga Studio. Please see the Timetable for prices, class times, term and intensive dates. Contact us if you need any further information. Namaste!

July Timetable

Sun 1 - 10am
Mon 2 - 6:30pm
Tue 3 - 6:30am, 10am, 6:30pm, 8:15pm
Wed 4
Thu 5 - 6:30am
Fri 6 - 6:30am
Sat 7 - 8am, 10:30am
Sun 8
Mon 9
Tue 10 - 6:30am
Wed 11
Thu 12
Fri 13 - 6:30am
Sat 14 - 8am, 10:30am
Sun 15 - 10am
Mon 16 - Normal Timetable resumes.

Where's Mark?

Photo from Prashant Iyengar intensive, Mumbai, March 2018. See FB video @ Sandara Bhai Hall

Prashant Intensive 2018

Doutta Galla

Doutta Galla Yoga Studio was established in 1992 by the directors Mark Gibson and Sally Russell who have a combined teaching experience of over 50 years.

The studio is a welcoming space for both the beginner and the experienced student and is dedicated to the practice, study and teaching of Iyengar Yoga.