Doutta Galla Yoga Studio

2017 Timetable

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
6.30am L2 P L1 LP
8.00am L3
10.00am L1/2 L1/2 L1
10.30am L1/2
6.30pm L1 L2 R/R BC
8.15pm BC L1C L1C

B Beginners, L1 Level 1, L2 Level 2, L3 Level 3 (2 hours), LP Led Practice,
L1/2 Level 1 and 2, P Pranayama, R/R Relax & Renew.


Term 1 – Fri 27th Jan to Tue 4th Apr
Term 2 – Tue 18th Apr to Tue 4th Jul
Term 3 – Fri 14th Jul to Tue 26th Sep
Term 4 – Fri 6th Oct to Sun 24th Dec

Course information:

Courses usually commence in the first week of a Term and generally run one class each week for the length of the Term.
The price of a Course is $20 per class by the number of weeks in the Term e.g. a 10 week term/course is $200.

Beginner courses - Monday 8.15pm and Thursday 6.30pm

Level 1 courses - Tuesday 8.15pm and Thursday 8.15pm

Closed on Cup Day

Casual class - $22 each
Casual class block of 10 - $200 (To be used within 3 months)
Courses - $20 per class
Private Tuition - $95/hour