June-July 2019 Class Times

From Monday 24th of June to Thursday 11th of July 2019 the following times will replace the normal timetable.

Month & Day Date Morning   Evening  
Monday 24     6:30pm 8.15pm
Tuesday 25 6:30am 10:00am 6:30pm 8:15pm
Wednesday 26        
Thursday 27 6:30am      
Friday 28 6:30am GG 10:00am    
Saturday 29 8:00am 10:30am    
Sunday 30   10:00am    
Monday 1     6:30pm 8:15pm
Tuesday 2 6:30am 10:00am 6:30pm 8:15pm
Wednesday 3        
Thursday 4        
Friday 5 6:30am GG      
Saturday 6 8:00am 10:30am    
Sunday 7        
Monday 8        
Tuesday 9 6:30am      
Wednesday 10 6:30am      
Thursday 11        
Friday 12 Normal TT      

Mark featured in Aust Yoga Life 2015

Mark Gibson - AYL wooden props

A four page article about Mark’s journey in the Australian Yoga Life magazine – AYL Injury to Insight.

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