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All Doutta Galla Yoga Studio classes are delivered online through Zoom. Please email for access details and/or other enquiries.

Wear clothes that promote freedom of movement e.g. singlets, shorts and footless tights (no socks). Clean hands and feet are essential.

Eat only light food within 3 hours and hydrate prior to class.

Before class, please tell your teacher about any physical or medical conditions, including pregnancy and menstruation. Regularly keep your teacher up-to-date about these and other issues which may arise.

Class information
Beginner Class For those new to Iyengar yoga or people who have not practiced yoga before. Doutta Galla Yoga Studio only offers online classes to students at Level 1 or above. Please see Iyengar Yoga Australia to find a studio teaching Beginners’ classes.
Level 1 For those who have undertaken Beginner’s classes and/or with at least 3 months experience of yoga.
Level 2 For those who have a sound practice of basic asanas through Level 1 and have more than 12 months experience.
Level 2/3 For those with a well established practice through Level 2, including teachers. Suitable for those who wish to deepen their practice through more complex and subtle work.
Pranayama A practice of breath control suitable for those at Level 2 or higher.
Private Tuition Individual instruction to address particular issues.

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