Wear clothes that promote freedom of movement e.g. singlets, shorts and footless tights (no socks). Clean hands and feet are essential.

Eat only light food within 3 hours and hydrate prior to class.

Before class, please tell your teacher about any physical or medical conditions, including pregnancy and menstruation. Regularly keep your teacher up-to-date about these and other issues which may arise.

Class information
Beginner Class For those new to Iyengar yoga or people who have not practiced yoga before.
Level 1 For those who have undertaken Beginner’s classes and/or with at least 3 months experience of yoga.
Level 1 & 2 For those who would like to transition to Level 2 classes.
Level 2 For those who have a sound practice of basic asanas through Level 1 and have more than 12 months experience. Suitable for those who wish to deepen their practice through more complex and subtle work.
Level 3 For those with a well established practice through Level 2, including teachers.
Pranayama A practice of breath control suitable for those at Level 2 or higher.
Led A guided practice which develops through a sequence or vinyasa, suitable for Level 2 or higher.
Relax & Renew A quieter restorative practice requiring an understanding of the use of props.
Private Tuition Individual instruction to address particular issues.